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Cash for trucks is a  part of Instant Cash For Cars performing truck removals services in Melbourne. People oftentimes think that their scrap or unwanted trucks are useless, which is extremely common when problems make it impossible to sell to buyers. When you are trying to get rid of a vehicle that is nearly or completely useless, you are likely going to run into a lot of bumps in the road. Finding the right buyer and advertising it for the right price is always difficult when selling scrap. Cash Truck Removal makes it easier for you by coming to you and removing the unwanted or scrap truck and giving you the best price. Our services even include sending our dispatch team to have a look at your scrap truck and give you a face to face quote to ensure you are given the most accurate price for your unwanted truck.

Easy Cash For Unwanted, Scrap, Old, Damaged, Wrecked Trucks Melbourne Wide

We come to your door step and pay instant cash for truck. We pay cash for any kind of truck all throughout Melbourne. You will get the best offer from us for your scrap, unwanted trucks as you are dealing directly with one of the best truck scraping companies in Melbourne. If you are looking to get cash for trucks in any condition then we are the experts to call.

Cash Truck Removal give you cash up to $20000 for the old, useless vehicles that you have in your yard, allowing you to get rid of them and actually make some money in the process. Cash Truck Removal can give you valuable, reliable, trustworthy and professional scrap/unwanted truck removal that services throughout Melbourne with no compromise just make an appointment with Cash Truck Removal that best suits your busy schedule, and we’ll make the removal of your scrap convenient and easy for you. Not only that, but with the right service you know that your truck will be properly harvested for scrap pieces and parts, its hazardous bits disposed of carefully, and then crushed and later reused, which cuts down on waste.

At Cash Truck Removal we pay top cash for truck removal up to $20000 in Melbourne. The best part? There’s no waiting around for money to be transferred into your account, or for a check to arrive in the mail. We bring the cash with us when we arrive to perform your unwanted truck removal. Cash Truck Removal is the fastest, easiest, most convenient, and hassle and stress free way to dispose your truck. We offer much higher prices in buying any kind of trucks compared to other companies, we’ve got professional and expert workers who will provide you with an excellent service where you will surely be satisfied.

If you live in Melbourne and wish for your unwanted or scrap truck to be valued then allow one of our expert estimators to assess your vehicle and make an appraisal. So don’t wait any longer! Instead of holding onto an unwanted truck you could have cash in your hand, with no stress or hassle in having your vehicle removed. Call us today!

Cash For Trucks

Cash For Trucks


Simple and Convenient Truck Removal Process In Melbourne

Unwanted truck removal can be a stress-free task if you’re dealing with the right company. Cash Truck Removal are one of the best unwanted/scrap truck removalists in Melbourne, we specialise in removal of scrap trucks and unwanted trucks from any premises with minimal hassle.

Rather than have you deal with the unwanted truck removal at Cash Truck Removal we make the disposal of your unwanted/Scrap truck simple. We offer the best prices for even the direst cases because you shouldn’t be left empty handed. For the best cash in hand prices Cash Truck Removal are the leading company in Melbourne. We take care of all your scrap, old, broken, rusted, damaged and unwanted vehicles that are not worth registering any more.

Save your time and money on insurance and registration on a vehicle that is no longer needed just give us a call and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you and we will send our removal team. Our team of friendly and efficient drivers are well trained to undertake any serious salvage efforts where the level of danger is quite high.

We would like to outline three easy steps customers can follow to prepare for their cash for truckremoval:

  • Call us and arrange a day and time that suits you.
  • Prepare your truck, remove any personal items, e-tags, etc.
  • We arrive as scheduled, you provide us with the key to the truck, we sight your identification, pay you cash, and then remove the vehicle.

It really is that simple! There’s never a charge for a cash for truck removal when you call Cash Truck Removal to perform your truck removal in Melbourne. Our Melbourne cash for truck removal are always free and always convenient. We tow the truck for free and will do all the paper work for free, for more information visit VIC ROADS

If you really want to experience a reliable service with no job too hard or small for us, give us a call and we guarantee your satisfaction with our quick response service.

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