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Don’t think you can’t turn that unwanted truck of yours into cash. Cash for Trucks Geelong buys all makes and model of any year and condition. See that “Instant Truck Appraisal” form in the top right of this page? Just use it to send us a message or call us at the number below, and we’ll provide you with an instant cash offer on your unwanted truck of any condition. There’s no catch!

We don’t even charge to come to your location in Geelong or its surrounding areas and picking it up. Our removals are always free.

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We are a fully licensed used auto buyer, seller and wrecker that pays you cash on your vehicle.

Cash for Trucks Geelong

While many of the trucks we pickup are scrap and accident trucks, we also buy newer trucks, collector trucks, low mileage trucks and other trucks with high value. We buy trucks for up to $20,000. When you give us a call to find out what your truck is worth, the more information you can provide us with, the more accurate your cash quote will be.

Should you decide you like the sounds of our offer, just let us know a time you’d like us to come by and pick up your vehicle. If you have the keys and title, please have them handy so our job is easier. If you don’t, please let us know at the time we make your cash offer. You’ll also need to have your photo ID ready to show us so we can confirm your identity.

Our cash for trucks system is one that is always hassle-free as we do all the loading of a vehicle and transporting of the vehicle as well as all the prep work to sell or wreck the vehicle. It is a system that takes away the old traditional means of selling your car- better known as fixing and repairing, advertising and finding a buyer. You just give us a call and tell us you’d like us to make you a cash offer on your vehicle.

FREE Truck Removals Geelong

At Cash for Trucks Geelong, your truck removal is always on us. Meaning, it is absolutely free. There are plenty of truck removal companies in Geelong, but we are one that specializes in SUVs, 4x4s and pickup trucks. That does make a difference when it comes to the quality of service, as well as your cash offer. We make large cash offers because we are the truck buying experts. We are a licensed company that buys, sells and wrecks trucks to resell the parts and metal. It is a process that allows us to pay our customers up to $20,000 instant cash.

Many trucks owners selling their unwanted trucks don’t realise that trucks are more valuable than cars. For scrap steel alone, SUVS have about 25 to 50 percent more; therefore, your cash offer on a scrap or accident SUV or truck should be considerably higher.

We also accept and buy any make or model of any year and condition and the truck removal is always free.

We offer FREE:

  • Used Truck Removals
  • Accident Truck Removals
  • Wrecked Truck Removals
  • Damaged Truck Removals
  • Scrap Truck Removals
  • Wrecked Truck Removals
  • Junk Truck Removals
  • Unwanted Truck Removals
  • Salvage Truck Removals
  • Fire Truck Removals
  • Flooded Truck Removals

When you call a cash for cars company, it should be one that specialise in trucks and SUVs simply because of the added knowledge and expertise. Cash for Trucks Geelong specialises in free truck and SUV removals, buying the vehicles at a fair and competitive price, as well as wrecking vehicles. Let us show you just how specialised our truck removal services are. Give us a call for an instant cash offer. We think you’ll be surprised with our offer compared to other removal companies.

Call us at 03 8712 3683

Truck Disposals

Yes. You can turn your scrap or accident truck into cash when you give Cash for Geelong a call. We are the expert truck buyers that not only buy trucks for outrageous prices, but also offer outrageous prices on accident and scrap trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s.

Our truck wreckers Geelong have years of experience in the business and offer first rate disposals. In fact, they aren’t only considered first rate because of the expert knowledge of our wreckers, but because we follow green principles 100 percent. Each truck we wreck is recycled 100 percent. It is what we call an eco-friendly truck wrecking as we don’t waste any of the vehicle, tossing it in a landfill. We simply recycle all parts, components metal of the vehicle to reuse and resell.

It is this system that allows us to pay top cash on your unwanted truck disposal. There’s no charge whatsoever. Just a fast and friendly pickup and cash in your hand.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Cash for Trucks Geelong, you choose a scrap truck removal company that specialises in buying trucks. This makes us the company to turn to for a better offer. Many car removal companies are not aware of the true value of trucks, SUVs and 4x4s.

Not only those that are in good condition, but the fact that they normally have much more weight in steel. With a network of buyers and expertise in recycling, we can offer our customers the most on their vehicles.

At Cash for Trucks Geelong:

  • We offer up to $20,000 instant cash!
  • We pay cash on the spot!
  • We buy all makes and models of any age and condition!
  • We offer same day truck removals!
  • We specialise in truck removal services!

We are a first-rate company that it pays to call.

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