Scrap, Old Or Unwanted UD Truck Removals Melbourne

As we all know, trying to manage an ‘Old UD Truck’ on can be difficult. Like all things mechanical, Trucks are also subject to aging and you might be wondering why are you keeping a Truck around that is costing you more maintenance and repair than what buying a new Truck would cost. If you are having trouble finding a good buyer and the rightful price for your UD Truck, contact the experts at Cash Truck Removal Melbourne.

After all, you did spend a lot of money on buying one of these, and you shouldn’t just sell it for whatever offer you get. Want a good deal on your old, used or “Scrap UD Truck”? We can pay you up to $20,000.

Some common type of UD Trucks that people in Melbourne own are:

  •        UD
  •        UD Excavator
  •        UD CKA 290
  •        UD CPB 87
  •        UD CW450 Crane Borer
  •        UD MK 11 250
  •        UD MK 150 Refrigeration/
  •        UD MK 180
  •        UD MK 180 Turbo
  •        UD PKK220 Palfinger PK9501
  •        UD PK26

We have bought and sold many of the above and several other models of UD Trucks in Melbourne. We bring together the buyers and sellers of used UD Trucks, making possible that you get the best value for your used trucks.

What you are looking for is someone who will pay you top dollar for your UD Truck, take if off of your hands completely free of cost and handle all the paperwork for you too. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not! At Cash for Trucks Melbourne we can give you all of the above convenient services in Melbourne and its suburbs. All you need to do is, make a call and set an appointment with us. That’s right. We will buy your UD Truck from you, remove it from your property free of cost and you won’t have to do a thing! That’s not even the best part. We offer up to $20,000 in cash, for your UD Truck.

The reason you should choose Cash for Truck Removals Melbourne:

  1.   We offer very competitive rates for your UD Truck. The quote given by our staff after surveying your Truck will be final and we will not back away from the final quote we offer you.
  2.   We have a staff of highly trained people with us with years of experience in this field. Your UD Truck is in safe hands.
  3.   Whichever UD Truck make, model, year it is that you own. Whatever condition, either running or not, wrecked or towed, no UD truck is too bad for us to buy.
  4.   Our Truck Removal services are completely free of cost.
  5.   We will do all the work for you. Once contacted, our experts will come for a visit. After having a look at your Truck they will provide you the quote. Our staff will remove your Truck from your premises after you have received your promised price and will responsibly handle all the transfer documents as well.
  6.   We are a licensed Truck Removal and Wrecking company, based and established locally.
  7.   We take special care of the fact that most of the Truck parts are Recycled and what’s left is disposed off properly as to protect the environment.

What’s the wait? Call us now at 0387 123 683, if you have a UD Truck at home waiting to be sold. Set a time with one of our expert estimators and they will visit you at your desired time and location. If you like the quote we offer, our stuff can schedule a time suitable for you to pick up your UD Truck and all you have to do is sit there, count your cash, and our staff will take care of the rest.