Cash for Trucks Melton

Cash For Trucks Removal Melton is the number one local unwanted truck removal company in MELTON. For some truck owners, the need for a quick sell is essential. Others can wait around to find the right buyer who wants to pay their asking price on their truck for sale Melton. Whatever your situation, Cash for Trucks Melton makes buying your truck easy. We understand you want the best price for your vehicle and want it sold with minimal hassles and fast. We offer fair and competitive prices, provide all necessary paperwork and same day truck removals. There’s never a removal charge or service charge of any sorts. Whatever make, model, age or condition of your vehicle, give us a call. We will buy it for cash for up to $2000!

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We are a fully licensed used auto buyer, seller and wrecker that has years of experience in the business, making us a top choice in a TRUCK removal company.

Cash For Trucks Melton & Free Truck Towing

Throw away the idea that you have to go the traditional route in selling your truck to get the price you’d like. At Cash for Trucks Melton, there is no fixing and repairing the vehicle, costly advertising, finding a buyer or negotiating with buyers to sell your unwanted truck. We buy trucks of every make and model, year and condition. While many calls we receive are requesting a quote on a scrap or accident vehicle, some are simply used trucks in good condition that the owner doesn’t have the time or patience to sell.

Our cash for trucks system is one that has earned us the reputation of being a fair and competitive truck removal company; and, one that is honest. We remove trucks of all conditions:

  • Scrap Trucks
  • Used Trucks
  • Accident Trucks
  • Damaged Trucks
  • Broken Trucks
  • Fire Trucks
  • Salvage Trucks
  • Flooded Trucks
  • Wrecked Trucks
  • Junk Trucks
  • Rusted Trucks
  • Unwanted Trucks
  • Useless Trucks

Whatever make and model, we PAY CASH!

Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a cash offer.

Call us at 03 8712 3683

FREE Truck Removals

You may have called some companies, and they act as though they are doing you a favour offering you a free scrap or accident truck removal. Cash for Trucks Melton offers free scrap and accident truck removals, but we show our gratitude by paying you cash on your removal. Maybe some truck removal companies offer you a decent price for your used truck; but, then take on a couple hundred dollars that you’ll owe them to come have it removed. Cash for Trucks Melton offers free truck removals no matter what the condition of the vehicle. We buy used trucks and trucks of every condition for fair prices and never include a removal fee or service fee of any sorts.

When you contact us for a free truck removal, we will ask you for a description of your vehicle. The reason is simply because we cannot appraise the vehicle without knowing a few details like the make, model, age, and condition, as well as the odometer reading so that we can offer you a cash offer on the vehicle. The more information you can tell us the better as, the more accurate we’ll be when providing you with a cash appraisal of your vehicle.

We Offer:

Free used truck removals, free salvage truck removals, free fire truck removals, free accident truck removals, free flooded truck removals, free wrecked truck removals, free scrap truck removals, free rusted truck removals, free broken truck removals, free junk truck removals

Just give us a call for a free truck removal Melton that puts cash in your pocket.

Truck Wreckers Melton

At Cash for Trucks Melton, truck wrecking is part of our business. With years of equipping and devising the best wrecking yards, we’ve put together a system of truck recycling that allows us to pay top cash on all trucks we wreck. Our system adheres to green vehicle recycling principles as we make full use of a scrap vehicle by recycling all parts, components, and metal. Once we are finished with a vehicle that we bring in to wreck, the vehicle may no longer be the old battered truck you once recognised, but all shiny new parts and metal that we will resell and reuse. This is a system that allows us to pay up to $20000 on all trucks we remove.

We wreck all types of vehicles and don’t charge for the wrecking but pay you for our recycling!

Salvage trucks, fire trucks, accident trucks, wrecked trucks, flooded trucks, junk trucks, rusted trucks, unwanted trucks, damaged trucks, broken trucks, used trucks, old trucks. It is important that when you dispose of your truck, SUV or 4×4 you call a cash for vehicle company that specialises in truck wrecking. The reason is simply that of price.

Cash for truck Melton companies specialises in truck removals. Unlike other removal companies, we know the value of the metal of trucks and their weight. Suppose you have an SUV and call a cash for cars company. Many won’t be aware that there is twice the metal in an SUV than standard car. Get the full value of your vehicle, call Cash for Trucks Melton a quote.

Why Choose Us?

At Cash for Trucks Melton, we are the experienced truck buyers and wreckers that do pay the most on unwanted trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s. Our system is designed to be one that is fast and convenient and one that doesn’t short change our customers.


Offer up to $20000 instant cash

Pay Cash on the Spot

Accept all makes, models, age and condition

Offer same day truck removals

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a fast and convenient truck removal. For more information about the number plate disposal visit VIC ROADS MELTON

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